Hauntingly delightful events between Oct. 1st - 31st

Something spooky is brewing in one of Washington State's oldest communities and you're invited! Scare crows, witches, bats, and maybe even a headless horseman... these and more can all be found around Central Whidbey.

The Haunting of Coupeville is a collection of community-driven events that bring a safe and small-town atmosphere to a fun and creepy holiday. From 1 to 100, all are welcome to cackle, "boo", and shriek in delight and terror.

There will be Directional Scarecrows so you won't miss a thing, and hay bales and pumpkins for a picturesque scene!

Our restaurants invite you to "come in for a bite,"

local lodgings guarantee "a Fang-Tastic Night,"

Our shops request "Leave your broomstick at the door."

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A preview of what's to come...

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Discover All of Coupeville's Spooky Secrets